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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June 3, 1989 - June 3, 2008


Former Mulligan Junior High School Backgammon Champion loses to 9 year old Playing his Second Game Ever!

Well, Luke beat me at backgammon.

One of the first benefits of sabbatical has been that the very first day Luke approached me to play something that didn't require electricity or super human reflexes.

I taught him to play backgammon on Monday and he beat me on Tuesday.

I'm dusting off chess as soon as possible. Or Scrabble.

I know a lot of words.

These Feet Were Made for Walking
Started walking today (gotta walk before you can run).

2.2 miles doesn't seem like very much, but at 11AM and running out of water, my motivtion faltered. I'm at 182 pounds and hope to shed ten of those this summer if I can convince my stomach that my knees and back deserve more attention and less of a load to bear.

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 19th Wedding anniversary.

Amazing how times flies!

I tell every couple during our pre-marriage meetings that one of the greatest blessings of marriage is that as husband and wife we can together become more than we could ever be apart.

That we round one another's edges and coax from inside one another gifts waiting for such commitment and deep love to give them birth.

Well, I'm not the person that I was those 19 years ago and I believe that God has blessed me through Piper to become who I am today (OK, just the good stuff - the rest is from those times when I failed to heed her advice). Anyway, everyone's marriage is different, looks different, works differently, but the common denominator always has to be commitment, trust and love.

Laughing helps. I am working on that this sabbatical, too.

Laughter is the Best Medicine (and Free!)
I heard myself laugh the other night once all of the sabbatical planning was done and Piper and I were relaxing watching some of the early first season episodes of "Dharma and Greg" on DVD.

I have a ridiculously bizarre laugh.
Like a near sighted Elephant Seal snorting off at some iceberg that he mistakes for a rival.
I never noticed that before. How silly my laugh sounds.

Memo to self: laugh more. Humility from the sound is good for the soul.

Parsonage Update
The work on the parsonage is coming closer to commencing.
Another walk-through with Janean (who is overseeing the project on behalf of the church council and Trinity - we can not thank you enough!) and two representatives from the renovation company.

The Portable Storage Unit was delivered and we'll start the work of filling it tomorrow. In about a week and a half it will move on to off-site storage and we'll move on to our road trip north and the kitchen, bathrooms, carpet and so forth will be gutted and removed and then replaced.

Ever in Christ,



Amy S. said...

Awww! I'm so glad you shared those pictures. Some day I want to see the whole book..in fact..I'm looking forward to it. I will always remember your anniversary because you were married on the same date as Amy Joy was confirmed. :)

Love and Hugs...

Anonymous said...

Enjoy every moment with your family and Congratulations to you and Piper.

Laughter helps you endure life’s challenges especially when you have someone to share it with.
Dpayne :)

Forrest said...

So sorry to be late with this wish however, happy Bithday to you and Christian and Happy anniversary
Elaine and Fritz