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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The night before we departed North Georgia, I had the opportunity to visit the local hospital at about one o'clock in the morning when my hiatal hernia decided to, in the words of the doctor,"pinch." Pinch is such a cute word. Grandmas pinch us on our cheeks. We "pinch an inch" to see how the tire is growing around our middle. My pinch doubled me over so harshly that morphine and demerol together barely took the edge off. Here is an actual conversation from the cardiac ER room.

PIPER: "Nurse, do you think you can hook the morphine drip up again, it barely got started when they took my husband for x-rays."

NURSE: "That drip is only saline, the morphine was already injected."


NURSE: "I'll go find the doctor."

The drive to the hospital through the mountains was quite an experience. Piper rode shotgun pointing out every deer, raccoon, and opossum that came out to investigate the headlights in some sort of suicide pact. I heard that the trip home was even worse, but I was out cold in the back of the car. The combination of pain killers, anti-nausea drugs, and reflux medicine and 10 hours of sleep did the trick.


We headed north to visit Roanoke College, our visit college visit for Christian. Great tour, beautiful campus and town, and wonderful school. They have certainly set the bar high for our subsequent visits to other schools. We heard that it was 97 degrees last week - today it was maybe 80 with a dry, soft breeze. Mountains greeted us in every direction. Wow!

We have two more Lutheran colleges to visit before the year is out and several art schools.

While in Roanoke we paid a visit to the Transportation Museum - trains - cool! And climbed up Mill Mountain to see the largest man-made star in the world - built in 1949 - to attract people to Roanoke during the Christmas season.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now I've Had a "pinch on the cheek before and no one offered me Morphine or Demerol, howerver, I didn't have a Hiatal Hernia at the time either!
I guess you are having way to much fun. Take care of yourself we need you when you get back in the Fall. enjoyed the pictures.
Fritz & Elaine