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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well, the last week has been a blur.
It was quite the mad dash to pack up two-thirds of the parsonage in order to get it ready for the contractor. We completely filled a 16 foot POD (thanks to Ron, whose help proved so critical on Sunday). Old appliances went to Faith Farm. Most of the old furniture went here and there. The amount of trash once we went through every closet in the kitchen, every drawer in the bedroom, every shelf and box in the storage room bordered on the obscene and would have created a pile high enough to qualify as the second largest hill in the south Florida. All the while we had to pack for our estimated three weeks away (the estimated length of the work) and figure out what to do with the pets (Thanks Jeff and Janean, The Vegas, Jeanne Myers, and the Fureys).

It was odd walking around a mostly empty house and realizing that what we will return to will be much different. Sounds echoed off the walls and rooms seemed so much bigger. By the time the POD was locked and the last room emptied and the van packed up it was nearly 6PM - we only managed to get to Orlando before we gave up and called it a day. Monday we drove some 500 miles to North Georgia.

As I write this I am sitting on my in-laws back deck, listening to the sounds of Cooper Creek rush by. The kids are splashing around and a nearby hammock beckons me. Tall pines and maples and firs shade us in. Peace at last!

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