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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Please notice that I have not dyed my hair or acquired an earring or tattoo. Of course, you might notice that this guy doesn't exactly resemble the guy in the picture below.

Please vote in the blog poll on which one you want in the pulpit in September.

We swam with the manatees this week. What incredible creatures God has wrought! So huge, so gentle, so magnificent. It's sad that the only way that we could distinguish them from the bottom in the shallow murky water was by their white scars. A shame, too, that people would rather race their boats (and fight to increase channel speed limits), rather than take it easy and enjoy what is around them. Adrenaline is far too addictive a drug, I think. I remember swimming along with my mask in the water and next thing that I noticed this 12 foot long manatee was swimming a mere foot below me. like it didn't have a care in the world (except eating grass and sleeping). It's only known predator is a boat prop.

We took some time to relax in Tampa with Piper's folks, visit Eckerd College in ST Petersburg with Christian (great school!), and check out the manatees this week. Our prayers are filled with you and thanks to God. More soon.

Your Pastor and Brother, Keith

[MARTIN LUTHER with stylin' hair!]

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