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Monday, August 11, 2008

Tests, Tests, Tests
My Sabbatical trip to the the ER has generated a few new friends, and hey, isn't that what it is all about? I now have a GI doctor (the gasto-intestinal kind, not Army) and soon a cardiologist because I am no longer, apparently, a kid, and anything that causes pain in the chest needs to be tested, even if it is nothing. In the upcoming weeks as we prepare to move back into the parsonage and I return to the pulpit, I will also be enjoying an ultrasound of various organs, a heart screening, endoscopy, and the testing of various bodily fluids and things best not mentioned in case you are eating right now. All this to determine basically what the hiatal hernia is up to these days and if anything else was adding to pain in the ER that night. I look at it this way - I have seven more years before anyone is going to mention having a colonoscopy, so I have that going for me. Yeah!


To prepare for my return, I've begun focussing on my call as pastor.

What is unique to my call as pastor?
(What should I be doing rather than what I have been doing or expected to do)

What does it mean to be a spiritual leader?
(My summer reading has greatly informed my thinking on this - and I will share some of what I have learned with you shortly)

How do I balance that call with my call as husband and father?
(This involves properly setting and keeping boundaries (like days off) and inviting the church leadership and all to assist me in keeping them)


The Floor
The parsonage floor should be done by early this week - so we are getting close!
After 8 weeks I am here to tell you that you can live out of suitcases for a long time.
It has been an adventure and we are ever grateful to the congregation for committing to the renovations and for those who have opened up their homes to us and to our pets, and for those who have put in countless hours to make the renovations a reality, especially Janean who has logged too many miles, too many phone calls, and too many trips to various home stores. Thank you also to the volunteers who have painted and patched and those who have given to cover additional expenses that have come up. We look forward to making this home, our home, for many years to come.

Ever Yours in Christ

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