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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well, the last few days of sabbatical are winding down.
The repairs and upgrades to the parsonage are nearly complete - some fixes and tweaks by the contractor should wrap things up. I only count 18 boxes left to unpack. I found my bread pans. Life is pretty darn good.

This Sunday please thank Pastor Lisa for her seven weeks of tending to God's awesome proclaimed word this summer. She and Pastors Bedenbaugh, Lutze, and Schweinler stepped in at the last minute when plans for pulpit suppliy pastors had to be changed.

I will be in and out of the office this week and in the pulpit September 7th.
Pray with me daily for the safety of all in the path of Tropical Storm Gustav.

Tomorrow I go for a nuclear stress test to clear the way for my endoscopy.
I guess that's one way to get a walk in. No word yet on the gall bladder, but I won't be sad to see it go.

A few things to keep in mind as we re-affirm God's call in which we share in this glorious ministry:

My day off will be Friday. I will not be checking work email that day. For emergencies I can be reached via cell (954) 668-6077 where you can leave a message.

I will typically be in the office Monday and Wednesday mornings and as usual by appointment. Sam will continue to schedule those. Remember that our staff meets Wednesday at 10AM and we do not answer the phones during this meeting.

Fridge Notes will return, but in a new form. Instead of an email, it will continue via blog. An email will go out to the Fridgenotes list letting everyone know that the Fridgenotes blog has been updated. I will not have weekly events typically listed – SAM will send out this part to the Trinity list as she has been doing during my absence.

I will be shifting my Trinity email address to drpk@earthlink.net . Please make a note of this. This is the email address for all church-related business.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon and hearing how God through the Holy Spirit has been powerfully at work in and through your life.

Ever in Christ

1 comment:

Amy S. said...

Hi Pastor...
We can not believe it is almost time to see you again. Wow!..Seems it went by fast..then again..seems like forever!
Good luck with these health issues you are having. We are thinking of you!

See you on the 7th!

Love and Hugs......