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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vagabond Pastor Returns to Parsonage
Nearly 8 weeks to the day that we packed the last box into the POD and headed north, we greeted the same container, opened the lock. and began the process of moving back into the parsonage.

(Piper said that as long as we had a working toilet, a fridge and microwave, nothing was going to hold us back. Having both toilets working is an added bonus)

The parsonage is shaping up nicely - a bit more work and it will be done. Please accept our "thank yous" in advance. It is gorgeous, functional, and a wonderful place to be. As soon as the counter top and stove are in place and working, I promise that I will be cranking out some good bread and my usual potluck specialties. Boy, do I miss my bread pans!

We look forward to having an "open house" blessing in the near future - once we get the last boxes unpacked and a few things organized. Next update will have some pictures.

On the health front, I had my first ultrasound last week to look at my liver, pancreas and gall bladder. Looking at one's organs on the monitor is cooler than watching most of what passes for TV these days. The folks at MEM REG were awesome and showed me that my gallbladder is full of stones which may be contributing to some of the pain that I have been experiencing. Its days may be numbered, but let's just keep that between us - no use worrying it just now and making it upset.

Another dozen days and I will see you around Trinity - until then, may God enrich your faith with the fullest measure of grace!

Your Brother and Pastor

PS - We could never have moved in if it wasn't for lots of help from Harry, Ron, Dinesh, Rajiv, and Fritz - you folks Rock! It took only a few hours to fill the house with a mountain of boxes. Of course, we could and do also thank Janean every day for keeping things moving forward even when a dozen things randomly come up to slow it down. Thanks, J!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Pastor Im happy that it is close to normal at your home, I was there to paint one day at your home on the western wall. {duing heavy rain} We miss you at services although the subsitude Pastors have been doing a good job, I am senting this from Fritz's computer. My spirit is always with you and your family.
Brother in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior