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Monday, November 17, 2008

The purpose of the Book of Faith initiative is to increase biblical literacy and fluency for the sake of the world. We kicked off our initiative with a covenant litany on Reformation Sunday.

The new Lutheran Study Bible
During coffee hour we took sign-ups for the new Lutheran Study Bible – 17 so far – remember monies and final orders are due December 15th. The sign up list may be found at the book sale table in Charter Hall or you may contact the office

Bible Studies
On All Saints Sunday we commenced our three week “Re-Discovering the Book of Faith” Bible Study, spending one week each on the roots of the Old and New Testaments and one week on the Lutheran impact on Biblical interpretation. On the final week we also participated in a survey in order to better plan for future Bible studies. We also need to remind folks that there are two ongoing Bible studies at Trinity – the Men’s Bible Study coordinated by Fritz that typically meets once a month on a Tuesday evening and the Tuesday morning Bible study led by Earline at 8:30AM.

A new Coffee Hour Bible Study will begin in January!
I will be leading a four week Coffee Hour Bible Study class at 12:15PM on January 11th, 18th, and 25th and February 1st called “Bread and the Bible” in which we will spend the first half of the class looking at four ways in which bread appears in Scripture (mana in the Book of Exodus; the feeding stories in the gospels, the “Bread of Life” discourse in the Gospel of John and the Last Supper in the gospels). The second half of each class will include a lesson on baking a different type of bread each week – samples, of course, will be shared and enjoyed! Tentatively we will learn how to make focaccia, Struan, challah, and whole wheat Naan bread.

The 15 Minute Challenge
Come join the challenge!
Commit to read from the Bible for 15 minutes a day between December 1, 2008 and Easter Sunday April 12th. That’s 133 days and by Easter you will have an extra day and a half of your life immersed in God’s Word. Commitment Cards will be distributed to the congregation and dedicated to the Lord on November 30th at worship. We ask that you select a partner who can encourage you by checking in at least once a week during this time. Another option would be to post on line. Those with an Internet connection can post what they are reading and any questions, thoughts or insights or comment on what others are posting on Trinity’s own Book of Faith Bible Study Blog at http://tlcbiblestudy.blogspot.com. If you want to post anonymously, feel free to email your posts to Pastor Keith who will make sure that they get up on the blog without your name. To participate in this wonderful online opportunity please send an email to Pastor Keith at drpk@ earthlink.net so that he can send you an invitation email to get you started.

1 comment:

Dpayne said...

This was my very first feeding of the hungry. I knew this experiences would be a enlighten experiences. However, I did not realize how enlighten I would feel. I started out earlier in the day with praying and I decided to fast because it just seemed appropriate. When, I started out I was very excited when we approach First Lutheran in Fort Lauderdale. However, after pulling into the parking lot and going inside I began to feel a little stress. The church Pastor was cool, he gave us a preview of what to expect and what we should do and shouldn't? Then, I really started to get nerves. I mean…I have interacted with people my whole adult life and I’m just serving people so food so why should I feel nerves? Nevertheless, I started thinking these people don’t have the option to Fast; they don’t know if they will have a meal tomorrow or the next day….Thank “GOD” they can come and get one of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I help make tomorrow for lunch. Again, they have to wait until lunchtime it is not a choice. Well, when I started looking at whom we were feeding it really hit home. Homelessness is not prejudice and anyone can be put in this situation. Then, I started getting sad because this is the part of the world that know one likes to talk about because everyone has something else going on…..Financial issues, Foreclosures, being out of work you name it, which could put you in this situations. This is really scary and I believe that the Lord has you experience different things for a reason to perhaps open your eyes…..I believe we need to make this a priority and see how we can get involved, because you never know when it will happened to you. It woke me up!