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Monday, November 03, 2008

Thank you to everyone who participated in our "covenanting" into the Book of Faith Initiative on Reformation Sunday.

This is what we promised:
PASTOR Reads the Covenant:

WHEREAS all the baptized when they affirm their baptism promise “to hear the Word of God” and “to proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed”; and

WHEREAS all parents and sponsors covenant to place the Holy Scriptures in the hands of their children and nurture them in faith and prayer; and

WHEREAS pastors at their ordination vow to be diligent in their study of the Holy Scriptures; and

WHEREAS the ELCA has begun a Book of Faith Initiative inviting everyone to join the conversation, to make a commitment, and to become part of the initiative

BE IT RESOLVED, that TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH, PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA become a “Book of Faith” congregation, committing ourselves to live in and from the Word of God in all our meetings, assemblies and events, so that as we regularly and increasingly hear, read, study, share and are engaged by God’s Word, we lead by example in faithful service and holy living;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all participants in this faith community covenant together this day to begin a regular practice of Bible study and prayer, in order to become more fluent in the first language of faith -- the language of Scripture -- that we might live into our calling as a people renewed, enlivened, empowered, and sent by the Word.

PASTOR: People of God, this do you solemnly covenant this 26th Day of October, Reformation Day 2008? If so please declare “Yes ,with the help of God.”
PEOPLE: YES, with the help of God. Amen.

Our New Coffee Hour Bible Study
Over 24 people joined in our first week "Re-discovering the Book of Faith" Bible study.
That's 20% of our worship attendance, so that's awesome - the more the merrier!
Remember that folks can join in for any or all of the three sessions.
For those who were with us on Sunday - remember to do your daily 15 minutes of reading in the Old Testament and to check in with your reading partner throughout the week.

This Sunday our second service coffee hour Bible study will turn to the New Testament and try to unpack what we find there.

The Lutheran Study Bible will be coming out this March, but the special pre-order discount runs only until December 31st. So far 17 Bibles are to be pre-ordered - we'll be sending our total order in right before the holidays - so our deadline for orders (and payment) will be DECEMBER 15th.

The Augsburg Fortress Press Book Sale (lots of good stuff there - for studying the Bible, to books on faith, books for children and much much more) continues throughout the month of November. Display is set up in the hall - order forms can be found on the table. Payment is due with your order. All proceeds go to our justice ministry - and we get to keep the copies on display for our church library!

We'll keep you updated on this important part of our ministry - have you found the daily Bible reading on this blog yet?

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