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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Feeding the Hungry
Last night about 35 of us from Trinity went to First Lutheran Church, Fort Lauderdale, to assist in their Wednesday evening dinner program that provides meals for the hungry of Fort Lauderdale. A number of folks also cooked or donated the food that this crowd then served.
A BIG Thank You goes out to everyone who helped in any way. I saw people literally take the coats and sweat shirts off the backs and give them to people who they knew would be freezing later that night out on the streets. A dozen lasagnas and many loaves of bread and the largest bowl of salad that I ever saw went within 40 minutes as well over 50 guests arrived, not including our folks and the folks from First Lutheran.

I wish I could show you about two dozen of our folks in the kitchen making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches assembly line style for First's daily lunch program, but I left the camera at home, which is OK. The memories will serve for all of us I think. I also think that when we got home that we prayed as our little Natalia suggested during the worship service that followed diner: "For the homeless people."

Our shared work to embody the gospel with First Lutheran will continue - more information on our next two serving and food providing opportunities will follow shortly. And remember, our approach must always be two fold - for works of charity (the feeding) and works of justice (our advocacy for systemic change through Bold Justice and other ways). Tonight with Bold Justice is the issues training meeting for those who will be working on the issues of Jobs, Wages and Unemployment; Affordable Housing; and Affordable Dental Care. Did you know that last year through the work of Bold Justice that over $800,000 in grant money was acquired to assist those who do not have dental coverage in Broward County? Advocacy works when we all work together!

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