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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Folks have asked over the past months about the grey carved rock memorial stones that fill our butterfly gardens. From an aesthetic point of view, all stones are ordered from the same company: The Shady Garden. their website may be found at http://www.theshadygarden.com/.

Individuals desiring to purchase stones for inclusion in the garden are asked to let SAM in the office know that they are ordering a stone. Stones are ordered by individuals and families directly through the company, not through the church. When the stone arrives please contact the office to discuss the logistics of placement. All reasonable efforts are made to accommodate the garden placement requests of those ordering stones, but the church reserves the right for final determination. We do our best to maintain the landscaping in the gardens throughout the year, however the rainy and dry seasons each present their challenges as does available manpower. These gardens are meant to be natural butterfly gardens as they are part of our certified wildlife habitat. Please keep this in mind. There will always a certain natural "wildness" to them. A donation to the Butterfly Garden Memorial Fund at the time of placement will help to provide plants to enhance the landscaping around the stone.

Please note that donations or memorial contributions designated for the butterfly gardens are always welcome in order for the gardens to be replenished and expanded. As well, volunteers are always appreciated to help weed, mulch and maintain these gardens. Check in with Pastor Keith if you have any questions on what needs to be done.

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