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Sunday, June 07, 2009

AFFINITY GROUPS Creation and Sign Up Period has Commenced!
What is an Affinity Group?

Just follow the “Rule of Three PLUS ONE!”
Affinity Groups are a group of three or more people that share a similar interest led by a convener – someone who provides leadership. For example: a group might want to read a book together or visit parks or the beach or gather as a group of singles or seniors or parents of teens or moms with babies. It could be a group that wants to work out together or walk together or who likes fishing or creative writing or walking labyrinths or knitting prayer shawls or Bible study or intercessory prayer or cooking a meal together. It is limited by your imagination and interests.

The group agrees to meet a minimum of three times during July-September. When they meet they will include these three things: Scripture, prayer and fellowship. During the three months they will seek to include at least ONE person not currently associated with Trinity.
Just remember: THREE + ONE
Where you meet, when you meet, and how often you meet is up to you!

***Just remember to include the SPF factor in your time together***
SPF = (Scripture + Prayer+- Fellowship)

So how will these groups get started?
POST any ideas for a group that you desire to lead/convene by commenting on this POST.
We'll add them to the growing list here, on our Facebook site and on the worship slip.
After giving people some time to think about what has been offered, everyone will then be free to sign up for the group in which they are most interested. Sign-ups will continue through the end of June. Conveners will attend one of several opportunities with Pastor Keith for prayer and to discuss any needed resources, logistics, questions and so forth. Conveners will be introduced and receive a prayer of blessing on Sunday worship June 28th

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