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Sunday, September 27, 2009

BOLD Justice House Meeting
Sunday, October 11th @ 12:15pm
Let your voice be heard!

BOLD Justice stands for Broward Organized Leaders Doing Justice. Trinity is one of 28 congregations that belong to BOLD Justice because it's our vehicle by which we "do justice" in this community. BOLD Justice includes congregations from different cultures, denominations and all parts of the county. Through BOLD Justice we have the opportunity to be involved in responding to God's call to do justice. BOLD Justice's strength in numbers and diversity is the source of our ability and power to create local systemic change. BOLD Justice uses an organizing process that has been successfully used in other cities to win greater access to health care, more affordable housing, increased reading scores and addressing crime in neighborhoods, etc.

This house meeting is one of two that will be held at Trinity to offer an extensive listening process to surface and choose community problems for our action. At these meetings we'll bring you up to date on the current issue work and share about community problems directly affecting us. I want to invite you to attend the first house meeting that I will be hosting on Sunday, October 11th from 12:15 - 1:45pm. This is your chance to share with the organization what your concerns are here in Broward county and what you would like to see changed to make it a better place to live. The more votes each issue receives, the more likely it is that BOLD Justice will take that issue to our elected officials throughout the coming year. Hope to see you there for this important gathering! God's Blessings, Janean Baumal

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