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a blended service of traditional and contemporary elements with communion

In the hall at 9:45AM
scripture, prayer, and creative response with communion

Worship each Sunday @ 8:30AM, 9:45AM, and 11AM

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Our Fall Schedule Continues

8AM is our traditional LBW Setting One Liturgy.The front six pews will be open and filled with the Green LBW Hymnals. Organ only. Altar Rail Communion.

10:45AM is our Family Liturgy with Kid's Time, Choir, a mix of instruments and musical styles. Predominantly continuous communion on the floor before the altar. Essentially the summer liturgy with a few tweaks here and there.

At the 8AM and 10:45AM services this week we will be celebrating our Third Quarter anniversaries for those who have been living out their faith as a part of congregation as well as our monthly healing service. On our Healing Sundays we also lift up our prayer list, name by name for intercessory prayer. The prayer list for this Sunday has been built straight from the worship slips from last Sunday. If you have a new prayer request or were unable to attend last Sunday and want to add a name to the list please email Pastor Keith at his email address: drpk[at]earthlink.net or leave a voicemail at the office (954) 989-1903.

"We will recognize Ron McCoy for his nearly two years of leadership on the church council as Trinity's church and council president. Ron recently resigned due to a health emergency in the family. Your current congregational and council officers are as follows:

President: Kristin Berkey-Abbott
Vice- President: Pastor Keith
Secretary: Faith-Marie Lombardo
Treasurer/Financial Secretary: Bob Smith

Sunday School continues...
After a very successful Rally Day Sunday classes continue at 9:30AM
Lower Elementary (Grades 1-3) and Upper Elementary (Grades 4-5) and Confirmation (Grades 6-8) Should report directly to Charter Hall. Pre School should report directly to the nursery in the sanctuary. High School Youth should meet in the youth Room. The adult Class "Money Matters" will be off this week and return on OCT 4th.

Sign Up Lists
The Pumpkin Patch is in need of a few good people to serve in one of the three daily shifts (beginning OCT 15th) or to help with the off-load (WED OCT 14th 6:30PM) . Students needing Service Hours for school are highly encouraged to volunteer and why not bring some friends!

If you want to help with the worship service by reading, serving as an assisting minister or communion assistant or on the altar guild or in the nursery or by greeting or help with our healing service and more - the way to do it is to sign up on the clip board that is passed around each Sunday. If the board doesn't make it to your pew - seek it out after worship!

Worship Slip News
The "Singles" Affinity Group debuts this week under the leadership of Diane Seguine-Jansen. Remember two more people are needed to make this group a reality. Affinity groups commit to having three people who meet at least three times over three months for fellowship, prayer, and Scripture and commit to inviting at least one person not associated with Trinity to join them. A number of our groups are active now - indicate your interest on your worship slip.

The Visitors Dinner has been moved to FRI December 4th at 7PM to coincide with the season of Advent and our first Candlelight Walk. New Members will be received on Sunday December 20th. Interest in either opportunity can be indicated on the worship slip.

Wasn't Natalia's First Communion last Sunday wonderful! Children may begin communing at any age and are of course welcome to the Table of the Lord as is everyone at Trinity. We do encourage each child and a parent or significant adult in their faith formation attend a communion class that are offered throughout the year for an opportunity for deeper learning and reflection about the sacrament. "First Communions" are a special recognition of a child or youth's sacramental life and are arranged through Pastor Keith and involve further conversation and instruction. Interest in 1st Communion is indicated by checking the block on your worship slip.

And let us not forget: Rummage for the OCT 17th Rummage Sale may be dropped off on Sundays, Mondays between 8-11 and Wednesdays from 8-11. There are spaces on your worship slip to indicate your special interest in helping in the final sorting, setting up and day of sale.

Tenting of the Sanctuary and Charter Hall

Swarming termites have caused us to take the action of the tenting of our buildings.
We need volunteers to help box up the food from the kitchen and food pantry Sunday after the 10:45AM worship. The Office and buildings will be shut down for tenting Monday September 27th through Wednesday September 29th. Pastor Keith will be available by cell phone.

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