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scripture, prayer, and creative response with communion

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Adult Sunday School will re-commence this Sunday November 22nd with a class focusing on the Worship texts for the Seasons of Advent. Class Will meet in Munson Mueller Hall.

Here are four options for Adult Sunday school over the next few months. Please rank them in order of your preference from 1 (most preferred) through 4 (least preferred).
A space is provided to write in a course you would love to attend and bring a friend to that isn’t already listed.

You may respond to hard copies of the survey to be distributed Sunday morning or via email, BLOG comment or Face Book comment

_____ Spiritual Practices: new week, new practice. So one week the class might talk about praying the liturgy of the hours, and one week the class might explore the idea of labyrinths, and the next week they might talk about fasting, and so on.

______ Art and Spirituality a class that explores artistic practices and how they can deepen our experiences of God: one week journaling, one week iconography, one week some elementary pottery making, one week poetry, and so on.

_____ Making Sense of Scripture is a study in dialogue form that covers seven big questions about the Bible and encourages readers to not be afraid to have questions or doubts when reading Scripture. Examples of questions covered include: What is the Bible? Is the Bible True? Where did the Bible come from? How is the bible the Word of God?

_____ I would like a class on

and I will invite a friend!

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