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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

(any mistakes, blame Pastor Keith)

Kristin Berkey-Abbott
A lifelong Lutheran, Kristin Berkey-Abbott joined Trinity in December of 2008, where she has been active with the ministry that brings meals to First Lutheran once a month, as well as other ministries. She earned her Ph.D. in British Literature in 1992, and she’s been teaching college level English classes since 1988. She is the Interim Chair of General Education at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Her interests include labyrinths, monasticism (both old and modern), and the intersections of creativity and art. Her favorite writers: Madeleine L’Engle, Kathleen Norris, and Nora Gallagher. Her favorite poets are too numerous to mention, but these days, she’s reading Kelli Russell Agodon, Diane Lockward, and Natasha Trethewey.

Sarah Brombacher
Sarah is in the 11th grade at Miramar High School and was born in Pembroke Pines. For fun she
plays Flag football and is an athletic trainer for the football team. She is a hostess at Tommy's Restaurant in Davie. A product of Mrs Lacroix’s confirmation class, she currently enjoys serving as a worship reader, donating to the blood drive and participating in many of the ministries and activities that Trinity has to offer.

Devika Jeboo
Devika joined Trinity in 2001, after moving from Canada. She is married to Richard Jeboo and they have two adult children, Andre and Nandi. She has worked in the Social Services field for almost seventeen years. She is originally from Guyana and is currently the Treasurer of the Florida Chapter of her high school alumni association. Devika is actively involved in fundraising for this organization which has provided equipment for the school, money for school lunches and after school lessons and has made donations to local organizations such as His House and The Little Schoolhouse. At Trinity, Devika has helped to begin the Pastoral Care Team and has worked on stewardship projects.

Maya McCoy
Baptized in the Lutheran Church in Ohio, Maya McCoy joined Trinity in 2006 and is 14 years old. She, five other Trinity youth, and about 36,000 other Lutheran youth attended the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans this summer. Maya was confirmed in May with five other eighth graders. She is a freshman in high school at University School in Davie, where she enjoys drawing and playing the piano in the school musical. She has also played piano or organ at some Trinity services. This past summer, Maya volunteered at the Jubilee Center soup kitchen in Hollywood, which she hopes to do again.

Ro Mileto
Rosemarie (Ro) moved to Pembroke Pines in 1995 from NY. She and Andy joined TLC in September 2007. She is the mother of MarcAnthony, Nina and Lia who also attend Sunday School. Rosemarie has worked for The Associated Press since 1987 in NY and now in Miami. She has helped in initiating the Feeding the Homeless program and new TLC Bio Directory.

Denise Payne
Denise Antoinette Payne has and will always be a humble Lutheran. Denise currently calls South, Florida home, but her immediate family originate from Baltimore, Maryland. Denise and her family have been members of Trinity Lutheran since August 8, 1999. Mother to two young adult working women, Ashley and Brittany and grandmother to Kymora. Denise is the wife of James Stanley Payne, her high school sweetheart who she met when she was 5 years old. Denise is involved with numerous ministries and activities within the church, such as The Trinity walkers and Pray shawl ministries. Activities also include building houses for Habit for Humanity, help feeding the Homeless at First Lutheran, volunteering some time to a family in need during Homeless Shelter week, working the Pumpkin Patch, serving as registrar for Vacation Bible school, BOLD justice, and many other ministries.


Kristin Berkey-Abbott (completing an open and unfinished term and eligible for re-election)
Faith Marie Lombardo
Earline LaCroix
Jon Nestigen
Bill Gearhart
Pastor Keith

Bob Smith (Acting Treasurer/Financial Secretary)

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