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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Where Have You Seen God Working This Week?
During the feeding program at First Lutheran
Keeping the oil and tar out of the coral reefs
In the faces of our confirmands
In my family as they love one another
The people who survived from the two aircraft crashes
Talking to my grandmother and knowing that she is doing better than expected

Where Did God Use Someone Else To Bless You This Week?
At the Cancer Treatment Center
When my beautiful daughter hugged me and said, "O love you!"
I received a devotion from a friend that opened my eyes and arrived just at the right time.
Luis, whose volunteer work enabled a 100 mile relay team to be able to participate in the race
My sister-in-law called me in a moment that I needed support

Where Did God Use You To Bless Someone Else This Week?
At the Men's Ministry.
While we were feeding the homeless.
Helping my 95 year old neighbor
Visiting elderly neighbors
Helping my neighbor visit her dying sister
The young man in front of me in the store check out line who needed some change
In the portrait that I painted of my wife this past week
I found a toddler wandering alone in our neighborhood and I made sure she was safe and called the police.

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