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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Some excerpts from our weekly worship slips.
Comments have been edited for privacy

Where Have You Seen God Working This Week?
Having my daughter here this week and getting along with patience

To be blessed immensely on Father's Day with an incredibly wonderful and loving family and church

Transportation from friend

In my mother and aunt in Baltimore

In people, church, in my mom

In strength and comfort as I face my problems

Where Did God Use Someone Else To Bless You This Week?
By sending my neighbor over to help me fix our a/c when it went out

My boss asked me to work this summer because he knew he could count on me

Sending someone special to pray with me

At a special business meeting yesterday

Visitor to my apt

Good news about getting my aunt meds

My son's teacher for giving him a voice

My mother in Trinidad, my ex-aunt-in-law, my pastor

A telephone call from friends

Where Did God Use You To Bless Someone Else This Week?
One of my brothers at AA asked if he could use my story to help him and is finally at recovery

To encourage friend to go to church

Someone using my advise to get medical help

At my job, in my children

For comfort, prayer and taking someone to the supermarket

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