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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Where Have You Seen God Working This Week?
In my business
Allowing me to wake up every day and walk or jog without any ailments
Keeping someone dear clean and sober with them leaning on God
My daughter getting a new job
In a beautiful orange sunset
In a friend's call to feed the hungry
In someone returning home after a horrible tragedy
At the Ann Kolb Nature Center
In our time with our Vet, Dr. Anna, as she tried to save our cat and we grieved together.
An angel of encouragement came into my path this week
God keeping me safe and improving my allergies this week
In allowing me to have a job.

Where Did God Use Someone Else To Bless You This Week?
With Tamisha and Erin
Feedback from others on stuff going on in my life
Friend took me grocery shopping
Through my neighbors prayer
When they called to check on me.
Hearing from my grandson after 2 months
Through the ongoing friendly relations with our dear neighbors
At my dentist office - through the gracious assistant
My doctor who was an angel of encouragement during my grieving the loss of my best friend
At the funeral for Jane - a beloved teacher - by her example, her husband and sons' devotion and love and her pastor's words.
Someone helped trim my trees
In someone giving me the time that I needed.

Where Did God Use You To Bless Someone Else This Week?
At a party
Giving rides to people who needed them.
Through prayer and encouragement for a friend
Helping my 95 year old neighbor
Through the provision of necessity
Assisting with  baptism, healing service and communion.
Helping someone use self-forgiveness in order to forgive someone else
Helping a friend adopt a cat
To allow me to be with my fiance

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