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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Where Have You Seen God Working This Week?
In today's baptism and new members.
In my sister's positive prognosis from doctors re: suspicious breast lump.
In my daughters and in my family
At my business
Through people working at church
During a retirement ceremony speech this week
In my discipleship in caring for others

Where Did God Use Someone Else To Bless You This Week?

Our neighbor invited us to a party at a time that we were feeling down.
Through my mother with some good conversation
A friend took me shopping
By meeting a man who has cancer but is filled with energy and hope!
During my visit to a shut in
My Jewish neighbor praying for me

Where Did God Use You To Bless Someone Else This Week?

I hope that I was a blessing to my daughter who was feeling down about exams.
In being a sounding board for my boss - God gave me just the right Scripture to send her.
Listening to someones stories from the past
I gave a gift to two people for their work
Through my leading a birthday celebration of a co-worker
On my way to church this morning as I helped a young mother who broke down across the street
Being able to help a friend who needed assistance at home

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