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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Where have you seen God working this week?
* my family
* home
* watching turtle hatchings crawl to the ocean
* I received my quad cane
* in my health
* in my business
* brother and husband who are attentive and patient with my mother
* lifting up those in trouble and helping to make it through each day

Where did God use someone else to bless you this week?
* my mother
* church/ bible study
* nice to sit and enjoy the Praise Choir. Have especially enjoyed these favorite tunes
* mango pickers
* in my business
* someone prayed for me
* friends who listen to my doubts and concerns
* saying special healing prayers for me

Where did God use you to bless someone else this week?
* support and guideness with my family
* celebrate recovery at Calvary Chapel
* I tried to be a good wife, mother, daughter, neighbor and employee
* prayers for family and friends
* in my business
* through our prayers
* to comfort a grieving friend
* compassion to someone suffering loss
* of a parent and confirmation of cancer

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