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Join Us For Worship!

Join Us For Worship!
Sundays at 8:30AM, 9:45AM, and 11AM

Friday, August 20, 2010

Reflecting On Our Faith

Where have you seen God working this week?
* with my faith remaining strong
* lives that were saved in auto wreck in the Miami area, especially the car that did not fall over the edge
* in helping a mother cope with the loss of her daughter
* celebration church
* getting cloer to him
* bringing together of many new friends at a picnic
* in my family

Where did God use someone else to bless you this week?
* my daughter's teacher with her strength and love
* at work - fellow workers doing fantastic work with such positive attitudes
* an airport ticket agent helped us make the best of a difficult situation
* complete strangers helped with a much needed ride
* by someone showing appreciation for my friendship & understanding
* home
* using my friends as special angels
* my grandchildren doing special things for me
* my mother and she doesn't even know it
* my boss went out of her way to provide me with opportunities for training and growth

Where did God use you to bless someone else this week?
* with the children, to remove them from an abusive situation
* I lead a celebration of coworker's birthday. My wife and son attended and we treated his family by buying their lunches
* in my work
* meeting
* to comfort a family member in pain of loss of her father
* doing special things for my daughter-in-law
* He used me to settle some misunderstandings
* God used me to bless my family & pray we'll get past a little family dispute

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