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Monday, November 29, 2010


1. Where have you seen God working this week?
In my family.
Our family enjoying Thanksgiving together
My neighbor took my son to school for me.
God reminded me of His many blessings this Thanksgiving
My daughter being such a good sister
Met someone through a friend who is fast becoming a blessing in my life.
From something that I saw on TV
At Memorial Regional Hospital
In the hands of those who prepared Thanksgiving Baskets and who decorated the sanctuary for Advent
By answered prayer
By people praying to Almighty God.
A shoot of new life in a tree where it shouldn’t have been.
At Black Friday sales as people were sharing information about open registers amongst the chaos.
People taking time out of their busy schedules to help others.

2. Where Did God use someone else to bless you this week (whether they knew it or not)?
My Great Nephew
Brother-in-Law helped in the house
A stranger helped me with my car.
The BRACE Advisor took the time to send my daughter a message of encouragement.
My Realtor always being the for me.
D’s parents being such good examples for their son.
Thanksgiving Dinner
I received a rise.
At the Hospital
Our Young Person’s Choir who blessed us with a beautiful song and smiling faces on Sunday.
Providing a free turkey
The unshakeable faith that J. had that God would heal him.
My mother being here to help out with my son.

3. Where did God use you to bless someone else this week?
My son.
In helping someone.
Spending time with my mom and grandma!
Gave extra money at Publix so an elderly lady could buy the rest of her groceries because she was waiting for her end of the month social security check.
I gave a co-worker good advice and encouragement.
Help with preparations for Thanksgiving Dinner
Invited international students over for Thanksgiving Dinner
At home.
I cleaned my mom’s kitchen on Sunday so she could rest.
In helping my 95 year old neighbor
Sharing my turkey with others who were in need.
Allowing me to be able to assist our young people to share their gifts of song with the congregation.

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