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Monday, December 06, 2010


1. Where have you seen God working this week?
At Feeding the homeless
At Gingerbread Night
At Workday
At the Salvation Army
In the goose bumps appearing while watching a video about people in a food court singing Hallelujah.
In God’s overflowing blessings.
In the glory of the early morning fog & sunlight
In making me well –thank you God!
Within my family!
With the extremely pleasant South Florida weather and the airplane writing in the sky” God Loves U!”
Our gingerbread gathering!

2. Where Did God use someone else to bless you this week (whether they knew it or not)?
We had a loving church family to decorate gingerbread cookies and gather with one another
Friends ready to provide transportation
Feeding the homeless in Ft Lauderdale.
At church.
By providing a ride.
In answered prayers.
At the gingerbread event – the smiles on everyone’s face showed then felt the same way then produced double helping of blessings for me.
God used my church family to bless me – fellowship during the gingerbread function is what I needed.
Went to brother-in-law’s church for a Christmas Cantata where he, wife, and one daughter participated.

3. Where did God use you to bless someone else this week?
It was the first time that I became comfortable enough in feeding the homeless that I was able to have a conversation and connect with guests.
At coffee hour after worship.
In meeting a need.
I am watching a neighbor’s house while they are away.
My family and friends.
Cooked for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law at our home.
Bringing gingerbread cookies to friends.

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