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Thursday, January 20, 2011

As you may or may not be aware, Trinity received threatening emails and messages this week from an apparently irate individual who visited a single worship service at Christmas Eve (which she claimed to have enjoyed). These threats were immediately reported to local law enforcement and the FBI as well as to Bishop Benoway. Her threats, according to the detective in charge (from the Pembroke Pines Police Department), had to do with some issue relating to her family and some Lutheran church out in the midwest. It appears that Trinity was merely a convenient target for her anger. We sent out an email to the congregation on WED asking that care be taken while on church grounds and that any suspicious activity be reported. We also asked for prayer for both Trinity and this person. As you may imagine it was a very anxious time for the staff. Her renewed threats against Trinity Thursday morning were of such a nature that the decision was made to close the office on Thursday until such a time as she was apprehended.

Word from the detective in charge of the investigation is that as of Thursday evening, the person of interest who had made these threats was picked up on an outsanding warrant and is being extradited to Volusia County. She will be gone for a while while that is sorted out (weeks, maybe a month)

Pastor Keith will be giving a statement to the police on Monday and then it will be up to the Prosecuter's office to determine whether or not charges will be filed. Thank you for your understanding, prayers and patience in this matter. Updates will be issued as needed.

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