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Monday, February 07, 2011


“Reflecting on Our Faith” is a sampled collection of reflections left and written by worshippers at Trinity Lutheran, Pembroke Pines, on their Sunday morning worship slips based upon their experiences during the previous week. We share a sampling of these in our weekly BLOG and elsewhere to encourage others in their walk with God; however, names and other information referenced in the reflections are abbreviated or deleted altogether in order to maintain anonymity.

Where have you seen God working this week?
Feeding the hungry.
Working on the church lawn, etc.
Testing in schools saw a teacher giving special love and care to a child in need.
God at work keeping people safe while they deal with the snowstorm
At my physical therapy.
In the opportunity to celebrate my husband’s 41st birthday!
At the support given to Breast Cancer survivors at a recent conference.
My friend who graciously serves the vets she cares for
The music at the VDC Celebration Saturday Evening
In the love and concern for Candy
By being bold enough to speak and allow the Spirit to give testimony.
God brought out some new people to church today.
In our parent company’s CEO who inspires us and others!
I’ve seen God working in my family.
In blessing me financially when I had absolutely no money.

Where Did God use someone else to bless you this week (whether they knew it or not)?
The internet.
I received many calls, cards and luncheons for my birthday.
God sent a stranger to say a kind word when I needed it.
At Bible study.
The friend who takes me to and from church
Heard a message about Sarah and Abraham and Hagar that taught me about waiting upon the Lord.
Our Sunday morning Bible study leader and the other participants who shared their thoughts
In our parent company’s CEO whose sharing and encouraging inspires us and others, even though he does not see God’s hand in it.
God used my granddaughter to bless me this week .
A doctor who gave me great news on my progress.

Where did God use you to bless someone else this week?
Feeding the hungry.
Working on the church lawn, etc.
I try to help my 96 year old neighbor as much as possible.
God provided me the skills and ability to help people on the job.
At Trinity.
God gave me the strength to carry out the wishes of a loved one under difficult circumstances.
In making a hot meal for a friend who usually only has sandwiches to eat.
In the faith conversations I had with an elderly man in the hospital.
Real Estate Transactions.
Provided my mom with a ride to buy my father a large print crossword puzzle book.
In blessing a mother and her son this week in sharing fellowship together.

1. By our teaching His Word.
2. So many ways: sermons, music, fellowship, etc.
3. Feeding the Homeless.
4. By providing constant love and support.
5. The choir music.
6. Hearing the Word.
7. By learning more in today’s Bible study.
8. Pastor’s sermons and availability.
9. Trinity being a place where people can use their talents and gifts and share in fellowship with other Christians.
10. Trinity has helped sustain me in the following of Christ by attending and fellowshipping together at church.
11. The sermons always speak to me personally.

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