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Monday, March 21, 2011

Based upon your experiences this past week. We share a sampling of these in our weekly BLOG to encourage others in their walk with God; they are edited to maintain anonymity.

1. What discipline are you taking on for Lent?
More organization
Walking at Night
Walking in faith
Looming prayer shawls.
I am trying to praise others, instead of criticizing them
Reading the psalms more actively
Reading my daily Lent Devotion
Prayer Shawl Making
Love Your Neighbor (Care and Concern Team)
Daily bible Reading
No soda
Not spending on myself
More prayer, praying for others

2. How has God blessed you in/through your discipline this past week?  
I made 2 prayer shawls this week and brought them to church.
Improved relationships.
By allowing me time to spend with Him reflecting and praying
By allowing me time to spend with my grand daughter
Keeping me focused.
Flatter belly
More money to spend for bills and sharing

3. What obstacles do you face in holding to your Lenten discipline and may we pray for you for your Lenten journey?
Breaking old cycles/habits and remembering to be grateful instead.
Consistency with reading my Lenten Devotion
I am always feeling like I don’t have enough time.
Being selfish

 How has Trinity helped to sustain you in your following of Christ in the world?
Being a proud member of a fantastic, loving, Christ-serving church.
By inspiring me to seek a Lenten discipline
Just knowing that they are available if I need them.
I am pleased that out of state friends ask if I can send a prayer shawl to people they know who are in crisis.  
I enjoy coming to Trinity for occasional special services - the people, the staff, and the pastor are great!

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