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Monday, April 04, 2011

Based upon your experiences this past week. We share a sampling of these in our weekly BLOG to encourage others in their walk with God; they are edited to maintain anonymity.

1. What discipline are you taking on for Lent?
Praise more and criticize less
More organization, focus, structure in my professional life!
Reading the psalms more actively.
Reading my Lent book and finishing my prayer shawl
No sugar
Intercessory Prayer
2. How has God blessed you in/through your discipline this past week?  
Improved relationships
God has opened my eyes to a possible career move and focus.  
I have learned to praise God more by reading the Psalms
Helping me get through my days and reminding me to read or work on my shawl.
At the rehabilitation center
Focusing more on the power (healing) of the Holy Spirit.
3. What obstacles do you face in holding to your Lenten discipline and may we pray for you for your Lenten journey?
Breaking bad habits and replacing them with good habits.
My disciplines fell apart completely this week – too much travelling – but I will get back on track this week!
Making time to read and exercise. Yes.
That I can finish at least two shawls before the end of Lent.
Actually I would prefer to wake up 30 minutes earlier to devote a full hour in prayer and study.
 How has Trinity helped to sustain you in your following of Christ in the world?
The Bible video series in Adult Sunday school has helped me learn more about the Lutheran perspective.
Just by feeling my faith and the spirit of my beloved family in heaven
My faith in GodListening and applying the Word.

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