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Thursday, May 26, 2011

As one person at Trinity raised concern about the safety of small children and burrowing owls I contacted The Florida fish and Wildlife Service who would have the most extensive knowledge to address this concern.

Their response is as follows:

"Burrowing owls coexist with many schools, parks, and homes in the area. We have never had an incident of a burrowing owl attacking a person. They are very timid and will probably fly off if approached. When people say they are afraid of them I remind them that they only weigh half a pound and have a very small bill and nails. It would be very difficult for something that small with no real natural defenses to harm a person."

Also. as a reminder, the owls are a protected species and as such their nests may not be disturbed in any way even if they are not currently being used/occupied.

If anyone has a question about the owls and their nests, please contact Pastor Keith.  If anyone ever sees someone disturbing the owls or their nests please ask them to cease immediately and then contact the police or Pastor Keith as soon as possible. His cell number  is (954) 668 6077.

In Genesis God entrusted God’s beautiful Creation to our care - let us continue to be vigilant, gracious, and loving stewards of this precious species so rapidly in decline in Florida.


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