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Monday, May 30, 2011

Based upon your experiences this past week. We share a sampling of these in our weekly BLOG to encourage others in their walk with God; they are edited to maintain anonymity. 
1. Where have you seen God working this week?
God brought us positive news as we prepare for surgery.
In nature. In young people and their potential.
My friend completing the adoption process of her child.
At church.
In the choir.
God has kept my heart without anger in a bad situation.
AA meeting.
New Way of Life Group.
In my life and in my church family.
Some healing of R.
Calls about my husband who fell last week.
The wonderful aid of some wonderful fellow Lutheran women who helped me when I fell last week.
Giving me the opportunity to help others in need.
Allowed me to be cancer-free.
In the strength of the Holy Spirit turning fear into faith
2. Where Did God use someone else to bless you this week (whether they knew it or not?)
He softened a friend’s heart.
My physical therapist!
A friend was finally able to shake her hurts which encourages me to do the same.
At Bible Study at First Christian church
God used my family and friends to bless me this week.
B. took me to a birthday party.
My angels! B, J, L, and S.
A young friend called me mother.
D telling me to breath “like yoga” and relax.
God gave me wonderful friends! 
3. Where did God use you to bless someone else this week?
I visited some lonely seniors.
My cousin.
I am able to listen and not judge.
At Cleveland House AA Meeting.
God used me to reach out to old friends in prayer in prayer for my friend J.
I called a few people to wish them a happy birthday.
My friend who lost her husband last week.
How has Trinity helped to sustain you in your following of Christ in the world?
Christian songs run through my mind, especially during times of stress.
We’re like family and there for each other.
Sermon on YOUTUBE – BLOG – Emails
By greeting my fellow brother with a handshake.
Just knowing that they are there.
Renewing my strength
The love and comfort of walking through the door every time – feels like home!

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