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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hand is on the mend - saw the good Dr. Schwartz today - who pronounced it broken - but only mildly so. I am now sporting a much smaller splint (thanks for that!).

Continuing preps for Sunday. Here's a teaser: Let's say that a woman had a daughter tortured by an illness that gave her constant seizures.
The woman meets up with Jesus on the road and begs for mercy for her daughter.
She must have hea...rd of his extraordinary power to heal: the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk. Some can be healed even with a word, from a distance.

So we ask ourselves not what would Jesus do – but rather what did Jesus do? In this encounter, what did Jesus do?

He had options, didn’t he?
(A) Out of compassion he could have immediately healed the daughter with a word.
(B) He could have immediately commended the mother's faith in seeking him out and believing that he had the power in the name of God to heal and then immediately heal the daughter. Isn’t that what he did for the Centurion? Didn’t Jesus help out this Roman soldier, not a Jew at all, after commending his faith and then healing his sick servant with a word?
(C) Or he could have called the woman an offensive derogatory name and refuse to help her.

Of those three options and to be sure he had many more, Jesus at first is silent and then calls her a dog.
What is Jesus up to?

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