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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where have you seen God working this week?
1-  in sparing Florida from Irene's impact
2-  my family was safe during the earthquake last week
3-  when a co-worker told me "you're doing a great job"
4-  in my family
5-  in a happy beginning to the school year
6-  in sparing us from Irene
7-  changing Irene to a tropical storm before it hit Rhode Island
Where did God use someone else to bless you this week?
1-  my kid's new school teachers
2-  when all signs were pointing toward the worst, a student rewarded my faith in them and were innocent
3-  receiving a gift I didn't expect
4-  using my mother to bless me this week
5-  my co-workers at the rummage sale blessed me by their dedication and cheerful companionship
Where did God use you to bless someone else this week?
1-  helping my neighbor
2-  using me to bless my mother and sister with words of wisdom
3-  I was cheerful and reliable when needed at the sale
4-  giving encouraging words to a friend
How has Trinity helpedto sustain you in your following of Christ in the world?
1-  just knowing they are available for me and my family
2-  Trinity provided the venue, donation, goal and other workers to achieve positive results from the rummage sale

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