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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Advent Services Getting MORE Creative!
A new addition is the opportunity for those who desire to respond creatively to the Gospel rather than the passive act of listening to a sermon (everyone processes differently, especially some of our younger people). After the Gospel is read we will gather and bless those who will be participating in the Creative Response to the Gosdpel Activity and send them our in joy with our "Creative Response Leader" to the “Choir Room” where the creative response activity will take place.

The rest of us will continue with the sermon. The Creative Response folks will rejoin us at offering time.

The creative activity is directly tied into the Gospel theme for the day  and is, of course, is just an option and completely voluntary. Some people just learn and interact better with the Gsoepl with their hands rather than their ears and we want to be a congregation that allows for different styles of learning.

 The decorating of the sanctuary for Advent will also be different - this year it will take place in stages as we learn the gift and blessing of waiting for the coming of our Savior at Christmas. Each Sunday in Advent our worship space will be different as the Advent journey to Christmas moves ever forward!

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