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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


There will be a special congregational meeting during both the 8AM and 10:45AM worship services on Sunday JAN 15th. Special congregational meetings are limited in purpose and scope to the expressed purpose for which they have been called. This meeting has been called by your congregational council in order to vote on their motion concerning the timing of the annual regular council elections and the voting for the 2012 spending plan/budget.

At a similar special congregational meeting held January 16, 2011, the congregation approved one-time changes that allowed for the elections for Trinity’s congregational council to be held on the last Sunday in January and the annual budget cycle to be moved to July 1, 2011 through June 30th 2012 with the budget vote held in the late May-early June timeframe. Pending constitutional revisions that should be brought before the congregation prior to the end of 2012, your congregational council is asking that these changes remain in place until such time as the Trinity Constitution is revised and approved. 

Prior to 2011, we held the council elections and the budget vote simultaneously during the winter semi-annual congregational meeting.  
As the motion comes from the council, a second will not be necessary.
The motion will be placed on the floor, questions directly pertaining to the motion will be entertained and the vote called for.
Rather than the previous practice of voting what we think to be right, we are continuing to expand a practice in which we focus on God’s will and not our own. So during the vote we will be asking:

“All who sense that it is God’s will to prayerfully hold our council elections on Sunday January 29th during the 8AM and 10:45AM  worship services and to prayerfully vote on our 2012 Spending Plan/Budget on Sunday June 3rd during all worship services held that day, say ‘yes’; all who do not believe that this is God’s will say ‘no.’”

Then we will ask:
All who sense that it is God’s will to continue this pattern of Trinity council elections on the last Sunday in January and Budget/Spending Plan voting during a Sunday in late May/early June until such time as the Trinity Constitution is revised or amended or other congregational action to change this pattern is taken say ‘yes’; all who do not believe that this is God’s will say ‘no.’”

Results from the two services will be added together and the results released through BLOG, email and bulletin.

Please note: Should there be a nomination from the floor for council at the 10:45AM service on January 29th, then the January 29th meeting will be considered a nominating meeting only and the elections will take place at both services on Sunday February 5th.

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