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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get into God’s word. You could….
Join the “Lenten Reflection Team” by choosing one or more of the 33 readings from the Passion According to the Gospel of Mark (Mark 11-15).

1. The list of possible readings is available in the narthex or you may request them by email from Pastor Keith
2. Read it; Reflect upon it; Write about it.
3. These question may help you in writing about the text. Feel free to use them (or not.)
• What does your reading mean to you?
• What surprises you in the text? Moves you?
• Intrigues you? Challenges you?
• What do you want to know more about?
• What confuses you?
• What stories of your life does it bring to your conscious memory?
• What might the Holy Spirit through the text be inviting you to do?
4. You can write as little or as much as you desire.
5. We invite you (not required) to share your reflection by submitting it to Pastor Keith who may share them with the Trinity community in various ways.

Get into God’s word
You could….
1. Make the commitment to have your children and youth attend Trinity’s Christian education classes Sunday mornings at 9:30AM
2. Participate in the Adult Sunday school class Sundays at 9:30AM – NO PREVIOUS BIBLE STUDY EXPERIENCE NEEDED!
3. Participate in the Tuesday morning Bible study with Earline LaCroix at 8:30AM
4. Participate in the Monthly WELCA (Women) and Men’s Group study and fellowship – March 13th & April 10th at 7:30PM
5. Participate in the “Prayer and Praise” Wednesday evenings at 6PM led by Earline LaCroix with music by Jacob Smitter

Try A Lenten Discipline.
1. Commit to Pray daily
2. Commit to spend time each day in Scripture
3. Commit to Worship weekly
4. Commit to attend Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter worship in order to experience Holy Week in its entirety.
5. Commit to Practice generosity each day
6. Commit to Invite someone to worship with you each week
7. Commit to Fast from something that distracts you from God whether that is Facebook or over-committing to activities or not being able to put aside work or television or worry or fear or anger or something else.
8. Commit to Practice thankfulness each day
9. Commit to reading a book that nurtures your faith or deepens your spirituality
10. Commit to Sabbath taking by setting aside time each week to do that which brings you the most joy
11. Commit to doing a work of love each day

Try Something Different.
1. Assist in worship or encourage your child/youth to assist in worship. If you or your child/youth is willing to learn the position, anyone is permitted to serve in any position as they feel called. (Sign up lists go around most Sundays)
2. Sing in the Easter Cantata Choir that rehearses Wednesday evenings at 7PM (See Jacob Smitter)
3. Participate in BOLD Justice events on March 22nd and April 26th (See Janean Baumal)
4. Go with Trinity to Feed the Hungry dinner at 1st Lutheran on March 7th or April 4th (See Jeanne Myers)
5. Help out with our Church-based Shelter Program Week March 5th-9th (See Lisa Miller)
6. Come out to a Church Yard Day or Butterfly Garden Day March 3rd and April 7th at 9:30AM
7. Knit a Prayer Shawl (See SAM Newton)
8. Try Yoga Thursday mornings at 9:30AM (See Diane Jansen)
9. Give Blood on April 1st and save three lives!
10. Become a part of the Tuesday morning craft group Tuesday mornings at 9:30AM (See Earline LaCroix)
11. Collect food for the Trinity food pantry

Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God,
serve one another with whatever gift
each of you has received
1 Peter 4:10

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