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Sunday, March 04, 2012

1.     Where Have You Seen God Working This Week?
In a senior center library
My mom’s situation with grandma
Studying the Bible
I’ve seen God working in my church family.
In saving people from the tornadoes
Through a Care and Concern visit!
With all o the tornadoes in the Midwest – only a small number of deaths.

 2.     How Did God use Your Lenten Discipline To Be A blessing To You This Week?
My devotions are longer
By encouraging me to start without great expectations or rules
By focusing on health activities and the word of God.
I am still praying for the fortitude to honor my discipline
My Lenten discipline has encouraged me to depend on the Lord. He has given me my hope and strength.
In my  family.
By giving me the ability to do the things I wanted to do.

 3.     Was Your Lenten Discipline A blessing To Others This Week?
Perhaps indirectly, perhaps not yet, perhaps not at all.
Yes because God pours his blessing on me and others.
Yes – made calls to encourage and invite
I think so.

4.     How has Trinity Helped To Sustain You In Your Following of Christ In The World
By providing multiple ways to do so – not one size fits all.
Providing opportunities and events that show how to spread God’s love to others.
By praying faithfully to God for his forgiveness.
Reminds me why I believe what I believe.
Teaching God’s word!
The fellowship is so wonderful

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