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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Based upon the experiences of those filling out our worship slips this past week. We share a sampling of these in our weekly BLOG to encourage others in their walk with God; they are edited to maintain anonymity.

Where Have You Seen God Working This Week?
Giving strength to a friend who needed support.
Greeting parishioners
In answered prayers in removing a cancerous tumor.
In the calls that people made when we missed Palm Sunday Service
At work with clients
In getting free transportation to the senior center from this week onward!
Working in my life!
At Trinity’s services during Lent.
Through the Good Friday Service at Trinity – it was special.
Through the washing of feet at Trinity Lutheran!
Saving me from what could have been a life threatening situation twice this week.

 How Did God use Your Lenten Discipline To Be A blessing To You This Week?/How Did God Use Someone To Bless you This Week?
It enhanced my knowledge of the crucifixion
Eating, sleeping and worshipping the Lord.
God is educating me regarding His Word
In spreading the word and lifting others up.
In helping me understand the last days of Jesus’ life on earth.
Increasing my faith in Jesus and the Holy Spirit
Raquel at the senior center.
By someone sharing their story about conquering their panics attacks  about singing gave me hope.

Was Your Lenten Discipline A blessing To Others This Week?/ How Did God Use You to be a Blessing to Others This Week?
I made more time to share with others.
I’m not sure, but it was a blessing to me!
Through my devotion to the Lord.
Through nice conversation at the senior center.
I was able to share a play and movie about the Passion of Christ and the 10 Commandments
Preparing Easter dinner

 How has Trinity Helped To Sustain You In Your Following of Christ In The World
It helped me remember the Events of the Easter Season
Knowledge, wisdom, understanding
Being a part of my life!
By encouraging me to give of myself like Jesus did at the cross.
By being my family!
Praising Him our Father Jesus!

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