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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Share and edited for anonymity and clarity from Trinity's weekly worship slips Based upon people's experiences in the past week. We share a sampling of these in our weekly BLOG to encourage others in their walk with God.

 Where have you seen God working this week?
* after 5 months at a new job, I received a raise which I was not expecting until probably next year
* at Memorial Regional Outpatient Clinic
* healing
* everywhere
* here at Trinity praying for those that are in need of healing
* in relationships

 How did God use someone to bless you this week?
* watching over our animals
* in group prayer at celebrate recovery
* a call from a friend just to catch up
* money
* my husband's wise advise
* a dear friend kept in touch while we were traveling near Tropical storm Debbie
* friends came to visit and pick mangos

 How did God use you to be a blessing to others this week?
* be a comfort to my friend, Judy, on the death of her boyfrienf
* money, caring
* surprising someone with a visit
* I made two people happy
* by helping do service during coffee hour
* provided God's message to one who needed to hear it

 How has Trinity helped to sustain you in your following of Christ in the world?
* by listening to Pastor's sermon and how it helps bring the good news to me

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