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Friday, January 18, 2013


Trinity Congregational Council Elections 2013

This year’s ballot includes five regular council members and two designated youth members (designated youth members serve one year terms). Those names with an asterisk “*”  have been nominated for a second term, while the others have been nominated for their first term. Council members are permitted to serve two consecutive terms only before being required to step away from council for at least one year. All of the regular member terms are three year terms with the exception of Ron McCoy who has been nominated to complete the remaining two years of an unfinished term created when a council member resigned early.

The congregational council appointed a nominating committee consisting of Pastor Keith, Earline LaCroix, Janean Baumal and Elizabeth Furey who met and prayerfully produced a ballot with one name for each available position as has been our practice since 2000. That ballot was approved by Trinity’s congregational council and will be before you on Sunday January 27th.   If there are any nominations from the floor at the 10AM or 11AM service such action would make this a nominating meeting with elections taking place at each service on SUN FEB 3rd instead. Any nominations from the floor at the 8AM service will not impact the date of the elections as the name(s) would be available at later services that morning. By constitutional mandate, there is no absentee or proxy voting permitted. 

 If there are any nominations from the floor it should be noted that nominees from the floor must be (1) present (2) seconded (3) willing to serve and (4) a regular voting member (those “not yet” confirmed youth, associate members and non members are not eligible.)

The 2013 Trinity Congregational Council Nominee Ballot And Biographies

Each person was asked to answer the following three questions:

1. How long have you been a part of Trinity and what attracted you to make Trinity your church home?

2. What has brought you the most joy in serving at or through Trinity and/or in the world beyond Trinity?

3. What’s one thing that you would like to share about yourself that most people do not know?

*Alex Berger (youth member)
 I have been a part of Trinity since the day I was born. The reason I stay at Trinity is because of the memory of my grandfather and that he helped but make the church what it is today. I stay so that I can help maintain the church that my grandfather helped make. One of the ministries that brought me great joy at Trinity was the feeding of the hungry program at First Lutheran that was led by my grandmother where I regularly served. One thing most people do not know about me is that I believe that I have a very weak faith and my faith is constantly tested.
*Kristin Berkey-Abbott
Carl and I joined Trinity in Dec. 2008, and attended regularly starting in June 2008; I was attracted to the diversity of the congregation and to Trinity's vibrant ministries. I have loved the chance to work for social justice through Trinity programs: the food pantry, dinners at First Lutheran, BOLD Justice. But I've also loved the ability to participate in worship planning and to be part of planning how the worship space should look.

I love apocalyptic literature: let the world as we know it come to a whimpering finish or a smashing end, and I'm in reading/viewing heaven. I've begun to suspect that John the Baptist appeals to me more than I feel he should for this very reason.

Kayla Frey (youth member)
I’ve been a member of Trinity Lutheran Church since 2004 and what attracted me was how it is a small church and we are all like a family. I have had the most joy singing at Trinity and mentoring Apollo Middle School 8th grade students to get ready for High School. Most people don't know that I enjoy to help people and community service.

Tina Hines
I have been part of Trinity since August 2010. Melody and I were looking for a church that we both liked and after a few weeks, we felt like we "belonged" here. It feels like a family. What has brought me the most joy? First, it was the singing (love to sing), but then I found more things. For example, I really love being a big part of our worship together service! I have never attended a church where I wanted to get so involved like I am here - I was content to be anonymous. What don’t people know about me? There's a reason that most people don't know. :-) I attended a performing arts high school, I was going to be a professional ballerina.

 Eileen Manella
Ryan and I joined Trinity in January of 2008. I was looking for a Lutheran church where my child and I could feel accepted without judgment and share the love of God in a positive faith community that supported one another. I knew I was in the right place after a few visits to Trinity. I feel at home at Trinity and that I can join in to serve when my schedule allows and then be forgiven when I can't. The services resonate with me throughout the week helping me and in turn others, through me, out in the world. Most people do not know that I have a dry sense of humor and joke a lot.

Ron McCoy
The McCoy family has been a part of Trinity since the summer of 2006, when we moved here from Ohio. We had looked at churches during the moving process and were drawn to Trinity by its openness to all people and to their inclusion and participation in worship. We especially liked it when the children introduced the Lord’s Prayer. Serving at Trinity and at my work with caregivers and seniors in the community has allowed me to see God at work on a daily basis in the lives of others, in spite of often difficult circumstances and situations. It is a privilege to witness that work and try to be a part of it. One thing that most people don’t know about me: I’m NOT directly related to the McCoys in the Hatfield-McCoy feud, so don’t worry about approaching me. Just don’t steal my pig or try to marry my daughter!

 *Denise Payne
The family and I have been members of Trinity Lutheran since August 8, 1999, and like Trinity we are a close knit family that loves to laugh and have fun. Serving as a Trinity council member has given me the opportunity to be more involved with the church, and it has allow me to learn the logistics of the church, which I call my extended family. My immediate family knows we have to pray together, which helps us stay together and at Trinity, I feel those same connection. What don’t people know about me? I guess it would be without the support of my extended family, being (Trinity Lutheran Church) well; I wouldn’t be as loving and or as caring as I would need to be as a Lutheran. TLC keeps me grounded. In addition, this is my favor bible verse…..Philippines 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens Me...

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