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Friday, January 04, 2013

A quick update on Sam and Dan Newton
First of all thank you to everyone who has reached out to them during this Christmas season. As members of what Martin Luther called the "Priesthood of All Believers" we share in this privilege and responsibility together as one family of faith.

They are currently going through the debris of what was their second story and planning for their future with the options currently available to them as the damage is more substantial than it first appeared.

There will be envelopes in the bulletins the next two Sundays to give folks an opportunity to add to the special account that has been set up to assist them. In addition we are putting together a mailing to go out to our extended Trinity Family and other folks who know Sam and Dan to alert them of the need and provide information on the upcoming Fundraiser currently being planned for February. More information on this event will be forthcoming as the details are available. Funds from these envelopes and the fundraiser will also be added the fund whose sole purpose to assist SAM and DAN.

As a reminder the checks should be made out to "Trinity Lutheran Church" with "SAM'S FUND" in the notes section. Marilyn has printed up special envelopes to assist in this. To avoid confusion, it would be better to hand these envelopes directly to Marilyn rather than placing them with the regular offering or you can also place them in the wicker basket up at the hand chime table With the "SAM'S Fund" sign.

With the holidays there has also been some confusion and misinformation. From this point forward we will be providing more frequent updates as to needs and on the upcoming fundraiser. If you have a question on the status of things please do not hesitate to contact Earline LaCroix or Ron McCoy.

If anyone wants to bring a smile to their faces, a gift card to Umbertos or their favorite restaurant "Jimmy's" could help.

As you might expect, SAM has been given significant flexibility with regards to her hours in the office so please be patient and understanding.

Prayers, a visit, and hugs are also appreciated.
Ever in Christ
Pastor Keith

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