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Saturday, February 02, 2013

"Today You will Be With Me in Paradise"
For the past several years we have done a photography project for Lent - invited folks to submit digital photographs, the higher the resolution the better,since we love to enlarge for printing. We have opened up the project to any and all who might be interested and will include your name with date of when it was taken and/or location, if known/provided. The deal is that they have to be your photo...s only, not taken by someone else. They need to be emailed to me at drpk@earthlink.net.

The theme this year is the "Seven last words of Jesus" - we need you to indicate which of the "Seven Last Words" - which are verses actually - with which you are associating your photo. They are listed below. Please reply to this post or msg me if you have any questions. Trying to take a photo that reflects one of these sayings or a series of photos that encompass many or all of them would be a cool Lenten discipline for individuals, couples, or families :)

Seven sayings
The seven sayings form part of a Christian meditation that is often used during Lent, Holy Week and Good Friday. The traditional order of the sayings is:
1. Father forgive them, for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34).
2. Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise (Luke 23:43).
3. Woman, behold your son: behold your mother (John 19:26-27).
4. My God, My God, why have you forsaken me, (Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34).
5. I thirst (John 19:28).
6. It is finished (John 19:30).
7. Father, into your hands I commit my spirit (Luke 23:46).
Thanks and blessings
Pastor Keith

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