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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A letter from Christine Leon-Laurent
(the daughter of Forrest and Elaine Fritz)
***Please note copies of the Registration Flier will be available in the narthex and office***
"I want to share with all of you about a 5k fundraiser that I am organizing for Child Abuse Awareness Month on Saturday, April 6th.   As you all may or may not know I had been a Guardian ad Litem for a few years. A Guardian ad Litem is an advocate in the court system for victims of abuse and neglect. The voice for the victims. I have always been committed to making a difference and empowering victims of abuse.
I immediately realized upon completing the Landmark Forum that Landmark is the most empowering program I have ever encountered and it is why I am so passionate about it. I see if the whole world communicated and participated in life in the way we are trained and developed in Landmark Education there would be no violence of abuse. It just would not happen. I have witnessed and been a part of people completing the past where they were abused. or people reaching out and making right when they were the abusers. It empowers people in whatever they are up to and allows them to be their fullest expression of themselves. To be the really big people they really are without constraints.
But I am also now involved with the non profit organization LiFE Abundantly Free which is a part of the Christian Coalition Against Domestic Abuse. The entire board is composed of therapists and counselors who are committed to providing services to all victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and elderly abuse. They also provide therapy to the abusers to break the cycle. I wanted to be able to contribute and make a difference in their ministry but am not a therapist.. I will leave that to them. I saw the best way I could impact the people they are reaching out to would be to raise funds for their organization. Hence the 5k.
So I would love it if my family could be a part of the event in whatever way you see that you would like to contribute. Walking or running in the event. Volunteering during the event. Helping in the planning in advance. Or just being there to support it and celebrate it as a family. Whatever way you see you would want to participate.
I love you all and look forward to seeing you hopefully at the 5k."
 Christine Leon-Laurent

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