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Monday, March 11, 2013


Faith seems 
so easy for some, 
you know the ones, 
joyous, at peace, aglow.
One wonders 
if they have as much peace in their soul 
as on their brows, smooth, relaxed,
or in their easy laugh.
Would they tell me their secret?
Share that chapter of their lives when it all came together
for them.

I thirst, 
find a sip here and there, 
the desert air drying my bones that long to live
and live and live,
uneasy, often fearful that the waters
may evaporate, muddied shallow pools,
cracking earth, gone. 

I thirst,
and Christ breaks through
and my heart and my soul
beat with all the jazz of heaven 
and in the ecstasy of the moment
thunderstorms rain down,
I run around mouth agape,
foolish, mad, a gleeful child all at once. 
And the pools fill, the ponds, the lakes.
Will it rain tomorrow, if it rained today?
One question to another: 
To journey on or sit the quiet waters by?
To risk and trust,
to live without concern for clouds. 

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