In the Sanctuary at 8:30AM and 11AM -
a blended service of traditional and contemporary elements with communion

In the hall at 9:45AM
scripture, prayer, and creative response with communion

Worship each Sunday @ 8:30AM, 9:45AM, and 11AM

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We have moved the service that was tentatively planned for this Friday July 13th to Friday, September 21st 7PM-8:30PM in commemoration of th...

Monday, April 29, 2013

So Rich Melheim's awesome little new book "Holding Your Family Together" launches tomorrow. We had the blessing and joy of having Rich with us just a week ago both in our home and at Trintiy Lutheran and it was an amazing time. For the past... year our congregation has been using much of Rich's livelong creative work as the cornerstone of our audacious "Worship Together" Cross+generational worship service. Trsut me - it rocks! Please consider doing one of the following

1. SHARE the link below on to your Facebook/Twitter page with a nice word about it "Here's a fun and practical Mother's Day Gift/Father's Day Gift/Gift for a new family/gift for a family seeking to more strongly bind themselves in love and faith from this amazing guy and friend Rich Melheim...take a look!"

2. BLOG a line or two about it on your blog.

3. POST a review of the book on Amazon by Friday. (This week is the week that matters to get this awesome book moving and on people's radar screens.)

4. CONSIDER purchasing the book for yourself and a friend! $11 and change on Amazon for a copy - a great investment for a stronger family faith!

The reality of a book release is like the reality of a movie release. Everything hinges on how the book does the first week. Enjoy it and Blessings!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pastor Keith is archiving past photo/Bible verses and adding new ones at his new BLOG designed just for them. Folks have been asking for a one-stop place to see them all. Give him some time - about half a dozen there now and counting. You can put in your email address at the end of the BLOG and the Google-owned Feedburner will mail you daily updates.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunday we take time to enter into Autism Awareness Month through our text "Let the Little Children come to me and do not hinder them...." and at 11AM in music through a solo written by Susan Werner and sung by Tina Hines with Piper on Bass and Barbara on piano "My Different Son." And we will have special prayers and hear a reflection about a parent's experience in raising an autistic child. pease join us and invite your friends!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Pastor Keith's most recent reflection is up at on the ELCA's Living Lutheran site www.livinglutheran.com.

We are blessed to have two people chosen for publication there. Kristin-Berkey-Abbott's wonderful spiritual reflectons reguarly may be found there as well as in The Lutheran Magazine and Seeds for the Parsish, a resourse newsletter that is mailed out to thousands of church leaders. Way to go Kristin!


For ashes, dust and earth,
for Sunday after Sunday,
draped in purple and thorn,
faces set toward Jerusalem,
for Three Great Days, and the Greatest of Days,
we poured out.
We poured out
as if without care, caring,
we as water
from mountainsides flowing, endless,
the very best of who we are,
the passion that fires our imaginations,
hours sacrificed, our Lenten disciplines and all that
and more.
And more than dirty feet, one last meal,
the cross barren, pancakes and lilies,
and pretty music abounding
across seas of fragrant hyacinths and
hardy daffodils,
and children eager,
baskets full of colored eggs,
we poured ourselves out.
Listen, does our mind hear still
the bells ring and chime
and all those alleluias,
dormant no more, shaking dust from rafters
seeking egress to dance in festive splendor:
He is risen! He is risen!
All now memory,
a yesterday, boxed and put away,
near the white lights and tinsel,
a headline, a short paragraph of thanks, a photo or two.
Strip the bulletin boards, change the paraments,
the altar, a spare lily or two limping for another Sunday sitting there, sad.
We are ready to sit a spell ourselves, put up our feet,
simplicity the rule of the day, catch our breath,
just breathe. We did our part.
And yet,
have we sacrificed in vain,
the good show, the happy faces,
the counters happy counting, money, bodies, sausage sold
with pancake platters?
To what end have we told the story,
our story,
we, knit within its hope
in our own baptismal waters?
Do we dare leave Easter, unchanged,
without the discomfort that comfort brings, hope embodying hope,
drawing us out into a world expectant and we expected
to embody what we heard, what we know, what we believe,
who we are?
Do we dare?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Rich made it to Boston on Monday - and is fine. He checked in with us later in the day. 

He shared the following about his experience with Trinity with a number of pastors online on Monday:

I'm learning a little every day. Sunday [at Trinity Lutheran, Pembroke Pines]
 I learned that 5 year olds can teach their own parents about God in beautiful and articulate ways if you put them in the same space and set a system in place where you ask THEM to relate common things to God. 

I'm also learning that worship and Sunday school can be blended into one cross+generational experience that parents, children and surrogate adopted adults and elders can enjoy together.

I'm also learning in more and more profound ways that churches who try to do television-era worship ("I put on a good show and hope you sit and watch/listen) in an internet-era world will be playing an increasingly frustrating game.

If you have 3 worship services right now, might you consider tithing one of them to the generation that is, not the generation that was?

If you have 2 worship services and a competing Sunday school, might you consider canceling the Sunday school and blending elements of cross+gen worship into one of the two time frames?

And whether you can get away with killing Sunday school before it kills the church or not, might you consider preaching on the same story you are teaching, and calling parents and kids together to engage in nightly faith encounters?



Ever in Christ
Pastor Keith 

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Saturday, April 06, 2013


Friday, April 05, 2013

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Lent, Holy Week, Easter - what a blessing to share among ourselvess and with the many visitors who either came or were invited by your thoughtfulness!
In a flurry of spring maintenance we are acccomplishing a number of things - some small, some not so small - some should have been done long ago but never got on the radar so to speak - like fixing the front door to the sanctuary so that it stays open without the need for a door stop (that seem to wear out every other month). The Air Conditioners have been all checked out to ready them for the coming hot and wet season. Mowers have been fixed. Charter Hall is having rust corrosion removed from its outside walls, which have been primed and are in the process of being painted. The side walks have been pressure cleaned by John Walker. We have contracted for rust removal from the buildings and a rust prevention system installed to protect the sancuary in order to keep its outside appearance both up to code and appealing. The gardens have been receiving a much needed spring refresh and soon a quiet bench will be placed within the main section for those who desire a pace to sit and reflect. We are receiving estimates to fill the potholes in the parking lots before the rainy season adds to their deterioration.
The largest of the projects, the repair of the Charter Hall roof leaks and replacement of the rotted wood fascia unfortunately just got more complicated and more expensive. Over the years and hidden from view, the leaks and the now gone termites who delighted in the damp wood of the sub-fascia (the wood behind the white fascia boards along the edge of the roof) severely damaged the sub-fascia. This was discovered when repairs commenced this past week and caused the repairs to go on hold while alternative plans are contemplated. This damage must be removed and replaced prior to any roof repairs continuing because the sub-fascia helps to hold the overhang  in place. An updated cost for the repairs is in process and we will share this information as soon as it is available in a letter and special offering envelope. Meanwhile, we are placing "Charter Hall Roof Repair" envelopes in bulletins. Until repairs are completed, please refrain from using the southwest corner door (by the piano) of Charter Hall.
In accordance with our desire to provide more and more timely information, I intend to use "From the Desk" as a weekly column and I also invite you on behalf of the Trinity Congregational Council to attend the new Meal and Ministry events.  On Meal and Ministry nights (once every other month) all are invited to share a potluck meal in Charter Hall and with Trinity's various ministries offered the opportunity to share updates during the meal including the Council, and with the option of ministries meeting after the meal for whatever they might like to accomplish. For example, Council will be holding its meeting after these meals.  The frist of these Meal and Ministry Events wil take place on Tuesday May 7th at 6:30PM. All Welcome! Please RSVP on your worship slip.
Ever in Christ,
Pastor Keith
Trinity's 2013 Council:
President Kristin Berkey-Abbott
Vice President Ron McCoy
Secretary Earline LaCroix
Treasurer Carl Berkey-Abbott
Richie Cannezzaro          Denise Payne          Tina Hines          Alex Berger     Pastor Keith
Eileen Manella       Reed Talbert       Kayla Frey
Associate Treasurer  Marilyn Cannezzaro
Financial Secretary   Dottie Cerrone

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Comedian, international speaker and family
counselor Dr. Rich Melheim, author of the new book
“Holding Your Family Together” will be is coming to:

Trinity Lutheran Church
7150 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines FL
... April 14, 2013

to lead an afternoon of family systems
strategy for church leaders and offer an evening of
comedy mixed with practical parenting for families.

1 - 5 PM FAITH5™ Church Team Training
Join Dr. Rich Melheim and his hosts from Trinity Church, for an afternoon of exploring how to transform your church one family at a time. In four hours Rich will give you step-by-step strategies to involve parents in family ministry from cradle to graduation. “We’re looking for people with a passion for redesigning family ministry into families DOING
ministry,” says Rich. “Every week in every church and every night in every home.”

Afternoon workshop...
1:00 FAITH 5: Rethinking Family Ministry as Families DOING Ministry Every Night in Every Home
2:30 Parenting, Family Development with Fun and Flair
3:00 Children’s Ministry with Parents at the Core Every Night
3:30 Youth Ministry as Youth Doing Ministry Every Night
4:00 Creating Cross+Gen Family Worship with the Arts
(What might a worship service look like if families were equipped at church through and immersion in the arts for their nightly engagement with the text and one another? Bring a team and experience what might be your next model for worship!)
4:45 Getting Started: A plan to get going with every night ministry

Free Evening Family Activity...
6:30 PM Holding Your Family Together Comedy Event (Free for all!) All parents AND kids in town are invited to this fun family event. It’ll be 1/2 stand-up comedy, 12% practical parenting advice, 3/4 sneaky parent recruitment and 100% just plain fun or your money back. (Oh yeah. It’s free.) In the end, the majority of families in the room will commit to investing a few minutes every night for the next six weeks in these simple family faith encounters. (PS: Bring a pillow for the pillow fight following the event and learn about the neurology, psychology, sociology and theology of combining exercise and fun with FAITH5 for maximum results. Seriously! Bring a pillow!)

Register online for the afternoon seminar and download free
information from the book at www.faith5.org.

Dr. Rich Melheim is an author, cartoonist, speaker, log cabin
builder, educational systems designer, record producer, amateur
neurology junkie & consultant on creating non-profits with forprofit
subsidiaries. Rich had counseled parents on family issues on CNN, WNBC, KTLA, WGN, and 50 network news shows in between.
Rich holds a BA in Journalism, and MDIV in Theology and a
Doctorate in Semiotics and Future Studies. He new book,
“Holding Your Family Together” is due out this month from Regal
Publishing, and available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and
other quality stores near you.
We will have pizza for you at 6ish if you are hanging around or come early to the evening event! ++++++++++++++++
There are two seperate events - the 4 hour afternoon training event and the 2 hour evening family comedy event. Pastor Keith needs to register attendeees for the afternoon team training event - Christian Ed will pick up the cost - and the evening family event is free. But we need to know ASAP which event(s) you plan on attending

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Meditation on This Sunday's Narrative Lectionary

by Kristin Berkey-Abbott

The readings for Sunday, April 7, 2013:

Luke 24:13-35

optional reading: Psalm 30 or 30:11

Today we read of the sojourners on their way to Emmaus. This story gives us an important window into the lives we are to have as Christians, particularly when it comes to the sharing of a meal, and our basic obligations when it comes to hospitality.

That hospitality is the often overlooked side of the Emmaus story. The travelers have walked seven miles together. For those of you who are wondering, that might take the modern walker, walking at a fast clip, a bit over two hours; in Biblical times, with unpaved roads with poorly shod feet, I'm estimating it would take half a day.

When they get back to their house, they don't say to Jesus, "Well, good luck on your journey."

No--they invite him inside. What remarkable hospitality. They share what they have. They don't say, "Well, I can't let you see my house in its current state--let's go out to dinner." No, they notice that the day is nearly done, and they invite a stranger in to stay the night.

Those of you who have read your Bible will recognize a motif. God often appears as a stranger, and good things come to those who invite a stranger in. For those of you who protest that modern life is so much more dangerous than in Biblical times, and so it was safer for people like Abraham and the Emmaus couple to invite the stranger to stay, I'd have to disagree.

We are called to model the same behavior. Jesus calls us to a Eucharistic life, which requires a major readjustment of our mindset around the issues of food, drink, time, and hospitality.

One thing we can do in our individual lives is to adopt a Eucharistic mindset. Never has this been more vital. Most people have ceased cooking for themselves, and many Americans are eating at least one meal a day while they drive.

Rebel against this trait. Look for ways to make meals special. Cook for yourself, even if it's something special. Invite your friends and loved ones to dinner. Occasionally, invite a stranger.

But it's about more than dinner, more than hospitality, of course. Without that hospitality, those strangers never would have known their fellow traveler. It is through the meal that the Emmaus Road sojourners realize who has been walking beside them.

What miracles might come into our lives when we open them to the ancient practice of hospitality?

Monday, April 01, 2013

Come out to the April 9th Commission Meeting to Support BOLD Justice’s Work to address Unemployment in Broward County!

On March 18th, BOLD Justice, of which Trinity Lutheran’s Justice Ministry is both a partner and full participant had their 6th annual Nehemiah Action Assembly.  The Justice Ministry has been working throughout the year to address the issues of low elementary reading scores and high unemployment in Broward County.  Nine County Commissioners were invited to the Assembly for the purpose of asking them to support a county-wide jobs ordinance which would increase job opportunities for Broward County residents who have been out of work for over 6 months and who have other barriers to unemployment.  Three out of the nine commissioners attended and all committed to support such an ordinance. 

To address the six additional commissioners who chose not to attend, BOLD Justice participants will be attending the April 9th Regular Commission meeting in order to drop off petitions that were signed at the Nehemiah Action Assembly.  Details for this meeting are listed below.  BOLD Justice would like to have as many people as possible there to show our commissioners that we are disappointed that they were unable to attend.  So, even if you were unable to make the Nehemiah Action, and you are available during the daytime, please come out to support our Justice Ministry in this very important issue!
Date: Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Time: 9:30am – Meet in the Lobby
Location: Broward County Government Center, 115 Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale, 33301
[From Trinity Member, and Forest and Elaine Fritz's daughter, Christine Leon-Laurent]
Hello friends and family.. 
As you may or may not know, in the past I have been a Guardian ad Litem, which is an advocate in the court system for victims of child abuse and neglect. Now I am involved with this great non profit organization LiFE Abundantly. The mission of Living in Freedom and Empowerment (LiFE) is to empower individuals (women, men, teens and children) to live lives free of abuse, disrespect and unhealthy relationship patterns, achieving this through education, intervention, resources and community collaboration. I wanted to be able to contribute to the people they are working with but I am not a therapist, I will leave that to them. I saw the best way I could contribute is by raising funds. I am inviting everyone to participate in a 5k run that I am organizing on April 6th at Markham Park. All proceeds will help provide counseling & services for victims of child abuse.

Please help me help support this great cause... register today!!!!!
you can register through our website or through Active.com