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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Comedian, international speaker and family
counselor Dr. Rich Melheim, author of the new book
“Holding Your Family Together” will be is coming to:

Trinity Lutheran Church
7150 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines FL
... April 14, 2013

to lead an afternoon of family systems
strategy for church leaders and offer an evening of
comedy mixed with practical parenting for families.

1 - 5 PM FAITH5™ Church Team Training
Join Dr. Rich Melheim and his hosts from Trinity Church, for an afternoon of exploring how to transform your church one family at a time. In four hours Rich will give you step-by-step strategies to involve parents in family ministry from cradle to graduation. “We’re looking for people with a passion for redesigning family ministry into families DOING
ministry,” says Rich. “Every week in every church and every night in every home.”

Afternoon workshop...
1:00 FAITH 5: Rethinking Family Ministry as Families DOING Ministry Every Night in Every Home
2:30 Parenting, Family Development with Fun and Flair
3:00 Children’s Ministry with Parents at the Core Every Night
3:30 Youth Ministry as Youth Doing Ministry Every Night
4:00 Creating Cross+Gen Family Worship with the Arts
(What might a worship service look like if families were equipped at church through and immersion in the arts for their nightly engagement with the text and one another? Bring a team and experience what might be your next model for worship!)
4:45 Getting Started: A plan to get going with every night ministry

Free Evening Family Activity...
6:30 PM Holding Your Family Together Comedy Event (Free for all!) All parents AND kids in town are invited to this fun family event. It’ll be 1/2 stand-up comedy, 12% practical parenting advice, 3/4 sneaky parent recruitment and 100% just plain fun or your money back. (Oh yeah. It’s free.) In the end, the majority of families in the room will commit to investing a few minutes every night for the next six weeks in these simple family faith encounters. (PS: Bring a pillow for the pillow fight following the event and learn about the neurology, psychology, sociology and theology of combining exercise and fun with FAITH5 for maximum results. Seriously! Bring a pillow!)

Register online for the afternoon seminar and download free
information from the book at www.faith5.org.

Dr. Rich Melheim is an author, cartoonist, speaker, log cabin
builder, educational systems designer, record producer, amateur
neurology junkie & consultant on creating non-profits with forprofit
subsidiaries. Rich had counseled parents on family issues on CNN, WNBC, KTLA, WGN, and 50 network news shows in between.
Rich holds a BA in Journalism, and MDIV in Theology and a
Doctorate in Semiotics and Future Studies. He new book,
“Holding Your Family Together” is due out this month from Regal
Publishing, and available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and
other quality stores near you.
We will have pizza for you at 6ish if you are hanging around or come early to the evening event! ++++++++++++++++
There are two seperate events - the 4 hour afternoon training event and the 2 hour evening family comedy event. Pastor Keith needs to register attendeees for the afternoon team training event - Christian Ed will pick up the cost - and the evening family event is free. But we need to know ASAP which event(s) you plan on attending

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