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Friday, April 05, 2013

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Lent, Holy Week, Easter - what a blessing to share among ourselvess and with the many visitors who either came or were invited by your thoughtfulness!
In a flurry of spring maintenance we are acccomplishing a number of things - some small, some not so small - some should have been done long ago but never got on the radar so to speak - like fixing the front door to the sanctuary so that it stays open without the need for a door stop (that seem to wear out every other month). The Air Conditioners have been all checked out to ready them for the coming hot and wet season. Mowers have been fixed. Charter Hall is having rust corrosion removed from its outside walls, which have been primed and are in the process of being painted. The side walks have been pressure cleaned by John Walker. We have contracted for rust removal from the buildings and a rust prevention system installed to protect the sancuary in order to keep its outside appearance both up to code and appealing. The gardens have been receiving a much needed spring refresh and soon a quiet bench will be placed within the main section for those who desire a pace to sit and reflect. We are receiving estimates to fill the potholes in the parking lots before the rainy season adds to their deterioration.
The largest of the projects, the repair of the Charter Hall roof leaks and replacement of the rotted wood fascia unfortunately just got more complicated and more expensive. Over the years and hidden from view, the leaks and the now gone termites who delighted in the damp wood of the sub-fascia (the wood behind the white fascia boards along the edge of the roof) severely damaged the sub-fascia. This was discovered when repairs commenced this past week and caused the repairs to go on hold while alternative plans are contemplated. This damage must be removed and replaced prior to any roof repairs continuing because the sub-fascia helps to hold the overhang  in place. An updated cost for the repairs is in process and we will share this information as soon as it is available in a letter and special offering envelope. Meanwhile, we are placing "Charter Hall Roof Repair" envelopes in bulletins. Until repairs are completed, please refrain from using the southwest corner door (by the piano) of Charter Hall.
In accordance with our desire to provide more and more timely information, I intend to use "From the Desk" as a weekly column and I also invite you on behalf of the Trinity Congregational Council to attend the new Meal and Ministry events.  On Meal and Ministry nights (once every other month) all are invited to share a potluck meal in Charter Hall and with Trinity's various ministries offered the opportunity to share updates during the meal including the Council, and with the option of ministries meeting after the meal for whatever they might like to accomplish. For example, Council will be holding its meeting after these meals.  The frist of these Meal and Ministry Events wil take place on Tuesday May 7th at 6:30PM. All Welcome! Please RSVP on your worship slip.
Ever in Christ,
Pastor Keith
Trinity's 2013 Council:
President Kristin Berkey-Abbott
Vice President Ron McCoy
Secretary Earline LaCroix
Treasurer Carl Berkey-Abbott
Richie Cannezzaro          Denise Payne          Tina Hines          Alex Berger     Pastor Keith
Eileen Manella       Reed Talbert       Kayla Frey
Associate Treasurer  Marilyn Cannezzaro
Financial Secretary   Dottie Cerrone

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