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Monday, April 29, 2013

So Rich Melheim's awesome little new book "Holding Your Family Together" launches tomorrow. We had the blessing and joy of having Rich with us just a week ago both in our home and at Trintiy Lutheran and it was an amazing time. For the past... year our congregation has been using much of Rich's livelong creative work as the cornerstone of our audacious "Worship Together" Cross+generational worship service. Trsut me - it rocks! Please consider doing one of the following

1. SHARE the link below on to your Facebook/Twitter page with a nice word about it "Here's a fun and practical Mother's Day Gift/Father's Day Gift/Gift for a new family/gift for a family seeking to more strongly bind themselves in love and faith from this amazing guy and friend Rich Melheim...take a look!"

2. BLOG a line or two about it on your blog.

3. POST a review of the book on Amazon by Friday. (This week is the week that matters to get this awesome book moving and on people's radar screens.)

4. CONSIDER purchasing the book for yourself and a friend! $11 and change on Amazon for a copy - a great investment for a stronger family faith!

The reality of a book release is like the reality of a movie release. Everything hinges on how the book does the first week. Enjoy it and Blessings!


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