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Saturday, May 18, 2013

first published at www.livinglutheran.com

The Holy Spirit
Older now,
more cognizant of breath,
and steps, and achy knees and all their kin,
Of death.
Yes, of death.
And in the mirror I see from time to time,
dimly, a stranger’s eyes
and squinting, turning from side to side,
through the haze of eye drops melting away
into longing,
longing for flames dancing,
an unexpected wind, the rustle of wings,
a day unfolding into something more:
deeper roots,
trunk and branches full-leafed
 stretching into  skies ablaze with 
all the colors of creation,
casting out the grey
that proudly hides the lines,
a soft man’s scars, earned for little cost,
the labor of years, well and good.

Older now and seeking,
burdened by the tension of belief and unbelief,
the years undoing every thread,
it seems;
a journey for companions,
who speak of words
gathered into stories
carried in sacred procession,
all glory, all hope therein,
and there the stories  dwell waiting,
waiting, for the full weight of each syllable
given life,
until its echo at last refuses to fade
to then reveal the impossible richness of their meaning;
O Holy Spirit, enter in!

We tread here
as one at the border
of the thing itself, transfixed:
One seeking
but a moment within the deeper mystery:
 eager lips that kiss The Blood of Christ,
to recall the breath of life that birthed us,
humility the ground of our being,
everything, all knowledge, carried away,
we weeping for the Spirit
to recall to us the One who calls to us,
weeping that it might
lift our eyes beyond the limits of our own reflection,
O Holy Spirit, enter in! 

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