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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Why are we doing this?
Fellowship, to get to know one another better, and to begin the process of planning Trinity’s missional emphasis for the next 12-24months.

What’s a “Missional Emphasis?”
We know the through the scriptures God calls us into mission for the sake of the Gospel. We do well when we discern together God’s will for us as a congregation working through the Holy Spirit, our gifts and passions, our interests and resources, and importantly our particular context in the community in which Trinity has been placed. Having a missional emphasis allows us then to seek what God is doing and desires to do in our midst and to focus on building that up.  

OK, so you need hosts. What do they do?
Hosts are responsible for hosting a potluck meal one time during the month of June, July or August for up to 6 people including at least one member of the Trinity Congregational Council who will lead the Bible reflection and mission conversation. Following the meal, a brief Bible reflection based upon Trinity’s Mission Statement will take place followed by the asking of three questions as part of our mission planning process. Notes will be taken on the responses to the three questions as part of this process with no names attached to the responses.

The Three Questions:
1. What is going well at Trinity?
2. What are our biggest challenges?  
3. What are your hopes and dreams?

 Then what happens?
The data from all of the Summer Meal and Mission Gatherings plus additional data through online surveys will be sorted and organized into broad categories.

In the early fall we will schedule a Trinity Missional Planning Day where folks will be able to sign up to attend a conversation for the category about which they are most passionate. As the conversations finish for the day, we’ll share a meal after which data from the conversations will be shared and prayed over.

From this data, Pastor Keith and the Council will craft a missional strategy that when ready will be presented to the congregation for adoption as Trinity’s Missional Strategy for the next 12-24 months.

OK, so to begin this you need some hosts willing to host a meal for some people from Trinity. Sounds good – how do I sign up?

There is a clipboard that will be going around the next several Sundays or you can sign up online through Trinity’s Facebook page or email Pastor Keith directly at pastorkeith2000@gmail.com

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