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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Special Congregational Meeting

in the sanctuary
On the Agenda:
(1) Trinity’s Revised Constitution
(2) Early Implementation of Changes to the Congregational Council
(3) Any needed action on Charter Hall Loan

Full copies of Trinity’s Proposed Constitution are available by request from SAM in the office in either hard copy or in electronic copy (via email).  

Trinity’s current constitution is now 11 years old and was in 2002 the first update in many years. We have lived into the 2002 constitution and found areas that need further tweaking based upon practices that are both easier and more supportive of our nimbleness as a missional congregation. We have also needed to bring the 2002 constitution into compliance with mandated changes that have come about through ELCA Churchwide Assemblies over the last decade. The Executive Committee reviewed and commented upon draft recommendations made by Pastor Keith and then the Trinity Congregational Council met in a special workshop to review all proposed changes and to give significant input and shape the final proposed document. That document was given a preliminary review by the Constitution Review Committee of the Florida-Bahamas synod and found to  be in compliance. Subsequent to this, changes to the Model Constitution for Congregations were issued after the most recent Assembly and these required changes were also made to the Trinity Proposed Constitution.  The Trinity Proposed Constitution will be discussed and voted upon on Sunday, November 10th during a special congregational meeting that will be held at 12:15PM in the sanctuary. Simplified Robert’s Rules of Order will be presented to guide our conversation and process.  The final approved document that emerges from the NOV 10th Special Congregational Meeting requires a simple majority vote to approve. That document will then be voted upon (with no debate permitted) at our next regularly scheduled congregational meeting on SUN JAN  26th with a 2/3rd’s vote required for final approval. If approved, it will then be sent to the Florida Bahamas Synod Constitutional Review Committee and Synod Council for final review and approval and will become final 120 days following.  

At the Special Congregation Meeting on Sunday NOV 10th the second item on the agenda is a motion by the Trinity Congregational Council to adopt the changes proposed in the Proposed Constitution concerning the makeup of Trinity’s Congregational Council (described later in this document) so that they will be in force for the council election set for JAN 26, 2014. This will allow us to transition into the proposed new council alignment prior to this constitution coming into official adoption in late May.

 A third agenda item will be any further action needed pertaining to the Thrivent Loan which currently includes increasing the base amount of the loan by $10,0000 in order to build our reserve account for further A/C Work with the failure this past week of one of the Charter Hall AC systems.

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